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Doing the DREAMwork with TEAMwork!

Our mission is to enrich the community through educational, STEM-based experiences.

Here at the Washington STEAMworks, our dynamic curriculum integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics fundamentally, building creativity and critical thinking skills essential for advancing in any subject you want to explore! With hands-on learning and a commitment from you, we empower students to explore their passions, tackle real-world challenges, and make a positive impact within our community. Please sign up for the opportunity to redefine education and inspire the next generation of innovators at Washington STEAMworks!

Board of Directors

Christine M. Coyle, PhD, MEd - President

Andrew Coyle - Treasurer

Robert L. Johns

Cheryl L. Putnam, PE - Secretary

Robert A. Urso - Vice President

Contact Us

139 S Main St Washington, PA 15301.


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