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Marble Run

Before getting started, make sure to have your guardian’s permission, be respectful of nature, and remember safety first! 

Deadline: September 25th

Objective :  To create a track that a ball can travel from start to finish in exactly 15 seconds


  1. Use recyclable materials for your track such as paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes, cereal or snack boxes, paper plates or cups, etc.

  2. While marbles work great, you can try ping-pong balls, bouncy balls, golf balls, etc.

  3. Start the timer when you let go of the ball at the starting point and end the timer when it gets to the end point.

    • Grades 5 and above should create a way to stop/trap the marble at the end.


Project Submission:  

  1. Please submit a picture or video of your marble run using the dropbox below. 

  2. Please do not include your child(ren) in the picture.

  3. Consider naming your track so your family and friends can recognize your masterpiece.  With the submission of your media file, you are giving What About STEAM, LLC the right to use it for nonprofit purposes, including use in print, on the internet and all other forms of social media. 

Thank you for participating in this activity.  We can't wait to see your creation.  

By submitting your project, you will be entered into a drawing to win a participation prize.

Questions? Contact Christine at

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